Landscape Construction

Marine Geo Pty Ltd ,  has for 20 years undertaken contracting work  in the area of  landscape feature design , concreting,  construction and project management.  Work has been   undertaken primarily in the residential area although several industrial and commerical  garden projects have been successfully completed.

With a  history in landscapoing and construction  Marine Geo Pty Ltd is well now well skilled  to assist  landowners with property improvement design  and project management.

WIth a long history committed to the natural environment, Marine Geo Pty Ltd has a proven track record of  assisting with natural asset enhancement  and management.   The company regards creative  sustainable integration of the environment with the built  setting as an important aspect of its mission.




                                 SLIDE PHOTOS: Completed intergated landscaping and concreting projects undertaken by Marine Geo Pty Ltd .


                                                      SLIDE PHOTOS: Marine Geo Pty Ltd  subcontractors and workers in action on various successful construction  projects.