About Marine Geo Pty Ltd  (established 1991)                                                      

 Marine Geo Pty Ltd was registered in 1991. Its began consulting in the marine sciences and in natural environment preservation.

Later, the company evolved to develop and apply innovative interior lighting design concepts and a novel themed functional craftwork. For more information about this creative endeavour please go here.

 In the late 1990's  the company turned  its focus  to exterior residential environments. During this time it operated  as a small scale excavation, concreting and landscaping construction firm.

To day the company assists residential property owners develop and apply improvement ideas and concepts. It also oversees the procurement and management of specific commissioned works and creative productions. Mr Mark Fabbro its director since inception, has qualifications and experience in the environment field, design and at all levels of the building project.

For more information about the history of the company please refer to the dropdown titled "contruction history".